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Candy Pt. 1 is a video art piece created in 2012. The majority of the film is shot in an abandoned carburetor factory in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Below are 2 photos the artist started in an initial collaboration with Corinna Lander.

By having females objectify their own body in a physical sense, with color and paint, they are reclaiming their exterior and reflecting an introspective relationship to the skin. Ultimately, the series sheds light on the introversion of objectification. The images support a third wave feminist notion of validating women for their personal and individual consideration of the micro-politics of femininity.

The series Candy shows a developed double conscious in female sexuality. This double conscious is the notion of objectification of the female body and the development of female sexuality within the parameters of the male gaze. How may a female express her sexuality without the notion of male objectification? – Annalise Murphy