Ghost Lights: a Brief History


The Ghost Lights project initially started in 2015 with an immersive installation that included projection mapping, live experimental musicians, and light fragrances. The voile fabric strips hung within a small contained environment and spectators were invited to explore the audio-visual sensory immersion.

Collaborators: Savta Music


The voile was then sewn into several hanging installations that served as stage pieces for musicians in 2015 & 2016. Geometric and abstract animations were projected onto the fabric as to compliment the music.

Collaborators: MH the Verb,  Searmanas,


The current phase of the installations disclude projections and rely on audio-reactive  LED’s and ultraviolet light bulbs for illumination. These new pieces titled “Ghost Lights” were most recently shown at the International Kinetic Art Symposium in Florida and at BANGON! NYC New Years Celebration.